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We are:
Creators of Virtual Nanny Family and Child Safety Mobile App 

Welcome to Vesedia Inc., an innovative hi-tech mobile app development company. We make an idea a reality. Our handpicked team of professionals is ready to put their expertise to work to achieve the most ambitious goals. It is time to create great products, which people across the world can relate to – that is what we consider to be our mission.

Creator of MeetNow Platform
Creator of MeetNow Platform

Developed by the best & brightest in the industry

We provide our clients with solutions using latest technologies in mobile development, design, consulting and marketing. Our top notch consultants have all the tools to design and develop a masterpiece.

Next Gen Applications Development


Like any great team, ours is full of creative people. Everyone brings their unique set of multi-disciplinary skills to help develop every project from the ground up. What we do best is we make novel ideas a reality.


Great partners make us better, that is why we believe the work with various industries leads to better results. We are ready to drive success at different companies that challenge and inspire us.


There is no way for a project to lose out: our experienced team always focuses on the needs of our partners and delivers the solution, which not only serves business but also contributes to its growth.


Mobile development is more like a highway. To get the destination
one should be experienced and strong enough to choose the way,
to keep moving forward through thick and thin. And, most excitingly,
nobody really knows where exactly this road will lead you, and whether
or not it will be the destination you imagined. Where you finally get
to is determined by who is at the wheel. A road doesn't lead to a destination – you do.

We are designers, engineers, and strategists. We create award-winning products, experiences, and tools that inspire customers 


Every technology development begins with a blueprint. The first phase of our process allows our team to learn your business needs and translate that into world class technology.


Our senior level staff are skilled in multiple disciplines with decades of experience in a wide range of information and communications technology. In this second phase of our process we code, program, and test extensively.


Product launch is a critical step that completes the process. We get the product on the market up and running and capitalize on marketing resources we have to achieve numbers.

We create award-winning digital products for brands and startups, through thought-provoking ideation and creative thinking.

We Deliver High Quality Code
a reliable, efficient, well structured, maintainable, extensible and maintainable code....and also scalable
We Deliver Customized Digital Design Strategy
Mobile, Email, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Website...are just some of the ingredients

Meet the Team

Alex Zaslavsky, MD
Co-Founder & CFO

A true innovator and a digital technology conversationalist. His novel ideas help propel Vesedia forward. And what is more, Alex is a big cooking fan.

Anastasiia Orlova
VP of Innovation and Product Development

Creator by nature offering outstanding presentation, project devotion and cross-cultural team management skills. High-energy, results-oriented leader with an entrepreneurial attitude.

Evgeny Otroshenko
Director of UX

A conceptualization guru and a design groundbreaker. Evgeny is able to guide the idea from the very thought to the final product release.

Vitaliy Zaretskiy 
Senior IOS Developer

A team’s technical solutions expert and advisor, who implements leading technology practices into the development processes. Having wealth of experience and expertise, he accelerates solution initiatives and improves products quality.

Ivan Morgun, PhD
Senior Android Developer

Ivan is an extremely efficient, versatile and adaptable member of Vesedia family.   He takes pride in his work and has been with us from the very beginning.

Our Mobile Apps

March 2020  - Virtual Nanny a Family Safety App launched

Virtual Nanny is a real-time, location-sharing app, for families to ensure everyones safety. It packed with safety features such as SOS function, private chat, automatic notifications when your child is late to school or doesn't arrive home on time and much more.

February 2019 - Blind Date App launched

 BlindDate app is now available for download in App Store and Google Play. Quickly meetup, just arrange time and place with your date in 3 easy swipes. Meet new people without having to chat!

April 2016 - MeetCity launched

Vesedia launches MeetCity in Apple App Store. MeetCity is a novel idea that will revolutionize social activities.

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